Thunderhead CD - ABC/Dunhill released in 1975

Thunderhead was a Southern Rock Band based in New Orleans and formed in 1973 by Mike Dagger, Ronnie Dobbs, O.T. Ware, Bobby Torello and Pat Rush.  The band was originally produced by Johnny Winter but ABC requested they record with their producer and include some additional tracks. The Album never got any support from ABC and the band broke up in 1976. They released the original tacks produced by Johnny in 2009. SORRY I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE USA!!!

The Flamethrowers "Table Songs" CD

Rock and Blues from Mike Dagger "Captain Mike" and the Flamethrowers Blues Band . Recorded in 2005.SORRY I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA…

Thunderhead 75 - Produced by Johnny Winter and Bleu Evans

Great Southern Rock with twin guitar leads and flute. Produced by Johnny Winter in 1974 at "The Studio in The Country" Bogalusa, LA. Not released until 2009. SORRY I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE USA…

Thunderhead 2010 - AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

After a few bumps in the road , we have managed to put together the CD we promised people back in 2010 …(hence the name) Thunderhead 2010 is available on most streaming sites right now. The hard copies will only be available through my site and will not be sold by anyone else unless I approve of the dealer. I will be taking orders starting August 15, 2015 right here on this page. SORRY I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA,,,