1. To Stone 1967 : "The Cheques" Boss Rock Label , written by Tony Nardi

2. In the groove 1967: "The Cheques" Boss Rock Label, written by Joshua,Perrino and Ventimiglia

3. Stix and Stones 1967: "The Cheques" Heatwave Records, written by Nardi and Ventimiglia

4. If you leave me now 1967: "The Cheques"  Heatwave Records, written by Chuck Perrino

5. The Funky Munky  1968 :  " The Cheques" Heatwave Records,

6. Deeper 1968: "The Cheques" Heatwave Records,  written by Nardi , Ventimiglia

7. I Wanna Testify 1968 : "The Cheques"  Hip Records written by Gearge Clinton and Deron Tyler

8. Walk with Me 1968 : "The Cheques"  Hip Records, written by Nardi and Ventimiglia

9. Cool my Desire 1969: " The Cheques" Hip Records, written by E.Thomas, C.Thomas B.Mcree



1. BUsted In Georgia-Dagger Dobbs Ware Torello Rush

2. Roll up the Hill- John Hanley

3. Lay it on the line- R.Dobbs

4. Make your own good news- John Hanley

5. Apathy- Pat Rush

6. Stop The Madness- Dagger ( Lyrics)

7. Hit and run driver- Dagger (lyrics)

8. Spacesaver- Dagger (Lyrics)

9.  Houma- Dagger

All arrangements and music: R.Dobbs, O.T. Ware. Bobby T. and P.Rsh

Stop the Madness and Spacesaver: Dobbs, Ware, S.Bacharach, J. Spade


1. Busted in Ga.- Dagger (Lyrics)

2. Lay it on the line - Dobbs

3. Got to get away- Dagger (Lyrics)

4. SHowdown- David Craig

5. Hit and run Driver- Dagger (Lyrics)

6. Breaux Bridge Rag- David Craig

7. Julliette- Lowell George

8. Armed Robbery- Dagger (Lyrics)

9. More than I can Chew- Dagger (Lyrics)

10. Rock Me Roll Me- Gary Nunn

Music and Arrangements : Dagger , Dobbs, Ware , Torello and Rush , except Showdown

Breaux Bridge, Juliette and Rock Me Roll Me.


3. "Table Songs" The Flamethrowers Blues Band

1. Boulevard Blues-  Dagger/ Tom Boris

2. The Zoloft Song-  Dagger and Jim Perrini

3. Long Haired Mama-  Dagger

4. Table Song -  Dagger ,Dobbs, Ware, Torello, Rush

5. You're Still My Girl- Dagger

6. L.A. SHuffle- Dagger, Dobbs, Ware, Torello, Rush

7. The Last Straw- Dagger

8. Tell your sugar daddy- Dagger/ Jim Perrini